“Sport has the power to change the world“

Nelson Mandela

This site was created to bridge the gap between two concepts that are increasingly taking a greater role in our society: sport and sustainable development. More and more people are becoming aware that economic development can be disastrous and have long-term consequences for all, when it neglects the environment and people. Climate change, pollution, worker exploitation, etc…have become current issues because of a development exclusively focused on individual enrichment.

The sports world cannot and should not be oblivious to this reality and therefore must assume its share of responsibility, committing and acting decisively within its sphere of influence. Sports activities, from training to major events, have negative consequences for the environment and we can all  reduce this impact.

What are the goals of the Sustainable Sport ?

1.- Optimize the organization and management of activities and sporting events to use the least amount of natural resources as possible.

2.-To raise awareness of our responsibility to wear clothing and sports equipment that has been manufactured respecting the rights of workers and avoiding any possible pollution of nature.



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